There are good reasons for all children to be cared for together. Research tells us that regardless of their abilities, children in high-quality child care programs are better prepared to enter school. Inclusive child care provides families with greater child care choices, opportunities for their children to learn and make friends, links to community resources and services, contacts with other families in the community, greater awareness and understanding of people with disabilities, and the opportunity to teach their children about individual differences.

What Families Need To Know about the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • You cannot be turned away from child care on the basis of the presence of a disability, the type of disability, or the perception of the severity of the disability.
  • You cannot be charged extra for special care required to meet the needs of a child with special needs.
  • The child should be kept with age level peers.
  • The child cannot be excluded from a child care or specific classroom based on toileting needs if the delay in potty training is related to the child’s special needs.

Through the Indiana Partnership for Inclusive Child Care (IPICC) project, Huffer is committed to increasing the quantity and quality of high quality care for children with special needs. Huffer employs an Inclusion Specialist to assist providers and families in caring for children with special needs. Debbie Collins is our Inclusion Specialist and she can provide training, on-site technical assistance, resources and other disability-related services to assist providers in including children with special needs.