Support for Licensed Family Homes and Licensed Centers

The reimbursement rates for child care providers who accept vouchers from the federal Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) to care for low-income children were increased in 2014. The amount providers are reimbursed is based upon the provider’s participation in Indiana’s voluntary, four-tiered Paths to QUALITY system, which rates participating providers at levels 1 through 4, dependent upon meeting certain key quality standards. Level 4 child care providers who care for children receiving CCDF benefits have received the highest increase in reimbursement.

Support for Unlicensed Registered Ministries

Voluntary Certification Program (VCP)

The Voluntary Certification Program is a (4) four part voluntary program with the goal of substantially improving standards in the areas of Health, Safety, Food/Nutrition and Infant/Toddler Care within an unlicensed child care ministry. Obtaining certification in all applicable areas (not all ministries care for infants and toddlers) could increase CCDF reimbursement by up to 5%.

Only those ministries that achieve VCP in all applicable areas will be eligible to enroll in Paths to Quality, Indiana’s free and voluntary quality rating system for regulated child care programs. Programs seeking assistance with VCP should contact their ministry inspector or call Huffer at 1-800-554-9331.


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